The Perfect Turn:
Table of Contents


Part One: Spirit

Chapter 1 A Life on Bald Mountain
Chapter 2 In the Spirit of Dick Durrance
Chapter 3 The Joy of Skiing
Chapter 4 Mammoth Par Coeur
Chapter 5 Ski Instruction in America
Chapter 6 In Pursuit of Pure Speed
Chapter 7 The Harriman Cup
Chapter 8 A Speed Skiing History
Chapter 9 Avalanche

Part Two: People

Chapter 10 Steve McKinney
Chapter 11 Skiing with Ted Kennedy
Chapter 12 Ed Scott
Chapter 13 Dick Barrymore

Part Three: The Backcountry

Chapter 14 No Es Malo, Es Diferente500
Chapter 15 A Summer Outing on Mt. Shasta
Chapter 16 Solo en la Sierra
Chapter 17 The Great 1975 Wind River Ski Touring
                     and Life Experience Expedition
Chapter 18 Around Tahoe
Chapter 19 And a Mile Climb Back Up

Part Four: Fiction

Chapter 20 The Perfect Turn

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