Autumn 2002   
The Golden Age
of Ski Travel:

yesterday or today?
  I collect vintage European ski posters I even have friends who collect, and occasionally wear, vintage ski clothing. And I love old ski films, classic films of a classic time. The stuff novels should be written about, and sometimes were. Mysterious strangers in narrow-guage railway compartments swaying across the Alps, sipping drinks on terraces above the clouds, miles of fresh powder before skiers knew what a mogul field was... The Golden Age of ski travel.

But for handful only, upper-crust Brits at Badrutt's Palace Hotel in St. Moritz, aristocrats and nouveaux riches industrialists at Gstaad, le tout Paris at Megève. Today we all love to complain about airlines, but really travel, long-distance travel, with a pair of skis, has become democratized. I was reading in a New York Times travel story a week or so ago, that one could take advantage of travel packages to the Alps from the eastern United States that offered round-trip flights from New York plus a week of lodging and lifts at major resorts, for around $1,000. Amazing. Maybe the Golden Age of ski travel is just starting, or at any rate, starting again.

All you really need, to ski the finest resorts in the world, is a sense of adventure, skis and boots, and a little gumption. Sounds like a recipe skiers have always responded to, always will... And while we are thinking about this coming season's trips, here are a few more vintage ski posters from that other Golden Age, to savor, and daydream on.


 Autumn 2002  
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