Autumn 2003   


a new ski-travel writing project

Regular visitors to this skiing web site already know about my enthusiasm for skiing the remotest corners of our snowy world. From South America to the Japan, from the Alps to Alaska, I have been particularly lucky in my choice of ski destinations, in the new skiing friends I have made literally around the world. After a couple of winters passed (gasp) exclusively in North America, working on new videos and new books, I am starting to feel that skiing wanderlust again. And even though the slopes in my adopted home, Colorado, haven't opened yet, I am starting to make lists of ski areas in the Alps that I haven't yet visited, that I would like to visit this season after my January ski courses in Aspen are finished.

Most of my ski travel writing, over the years, has been done for magazines like Powder and Skiing. But I have to tell you I am loving the freedom of writing directly for skiers, not for ski magazine editors in New York, southern California or Boulder. Because of the very natural, and irresistable pressure to cover the ski resorts that pay for the most advertising, American ski magazines have always been a bit parochial in their focus on North American ski destinations.Half the world's great skiing spots get only a passing nod in our American ski publications. But I suspect that passionate skier want more. So I am considering the creation of a new series of skiers guidebooks, not printed and bound books, but electronic books — with a worldwide focus. Intensely personal, profusely illustrated, and available to be downloaded from the internet. A few years back I wrote a guidebook, entitled The Insider's Guide to the Best Skiing in Colorado, and then published several more guides in the same series. Several of these guides, along with new, and constantly revised material were then republished in a larger volume, The Unofficial Guide to Skiing the West — a handy reference, still in print, still revised every year.

But these new electronic ski area guides that I am considering writing (and publishing on the web) will be very different. Each will concentrate on only one ski destination, with lower production costs I can include lots of photographs as well as trail maps and sketches, interviews with locals, hot tips for early season, late season, powder days or stormy days. In short, the full insider's perspective that I've always tried to capture — only more of it...

All I need, is a little encouragement. And that is why I am asking for your feedback. I know many regular readers of this web site have enjoyed my short travel stories (you can find a complete list of three years of such stories in the Back Issues Index page of this web site). But what I would like to ask for are your suggestions about which resorts, which destinations I should cover in depth, in this new electronic guidebook format? What kind of information would be most welcome, most helpful to you? whether you are as intrigued as I am by far-flung ski destinations I hope your feedback will help me plan my ski travel writing for this season.

I will look for your suggestions at

in the meantime, to restimulate your autumn appetite for new ski adventures, please take a look at the Back Issues Index page for links to 28 different ski travel stories. I will try to complete my first e-Guidebook as a sample, by January. Thanks in advance for your suggestions and encouragement.


 Autumn 2003  
photo at top:
skiing in the Italian Dolomites, above Madonna di Campiglio, one of many mega-resorts, almost unknown to American skiers
photo © Linde Waidhofer
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