Spring 2004
of a snowy spring
favorite Images
of spring skiing
from around the world

A scrapbook of memories, Images. perfect (or perfectly remembererd turns.

The natural legacy of how many springtimes in a row? on skis of course, under that priviledged azure sky, sketching out rough drafts of paradise with steel edges on corn snow.

Spring days have no rough edges. They are never earned, but merely gifts. Harsh winter weather asking for a truce. Hard earned technique taking a break. Skis that turn themselves. Smiles that come out of nowhere, and stay. A bonus season, yes, a gift, best enjoyed — of course —on skis.

Spring skiing in Verbier Swiitzerland
spring skiing on the south island of New Zealand
more spring skiing on the south island of New Zealand
"Primavera" at Portillo, Chile, the ultimate spring run, from the name to the snow
 Spring 2004
all photos © Linde Waidhofer
top photo — spring skiing in the backcountrynear Telluride Colorado
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