ski writing
early winter 2008
Skiing as poetry
a reader writes...

A longtime reader of this site sent me the following note and a couple of poems that I really liked, and am delighted to share here

"Hi Lito, I'm no kind of poet, but I got a little inspired this week on my first day out - here are a couple of poems, just for fun.
Regards, Jon Dhuse." 

I beg to differ, Jon. Looks like you are a poet, and perhaps we all are. There is a lot of poetry in a perfect turn, a clearing storm, a snow peak. But not everyone can put it into words. You did. Thanks!

Haiku, Ski Palette

Green-brown firs, Blue sky
Black mountain rocks, pure White snow
Daubs of bright colors


First Run of the Season

One month before:
Brrr, chilly this morning… The car says “Freeze Warning”
(Winter is on its way.)
At work, calendar scan – middle of December:
Two days of meetings near Sacramento.
(Hmmm, I wonder if there will be snow? How far to Tahoe?)

Three weeks before:
Busy, busy with work and life.
(Who has snow? Who’s getting snow?)
Heavenly – they’re making it, Squaw – not much yet.
Ahhh, Kirkwood – just the spot for early season

Two Weeks before:
How’s the snow? How’s the snow?
Check the weather forecast every day.
(An obsession of anticipation.)

The night before – at the slope:
Toss – Can’t sleep!
Turn – Will I remember how?
Toss – Listen to the snow guns thunder!
Turn – Is it time to get up, yet?
(Like a kid – the night before Christmas.)

The morning before:
Get up – quick shower – grab a little breakfast.
(Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)
Slide on, buckle up, zip it – clump to the lift, click in.
(Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)
Stay calm, enjoy the ride, tips up – don’t lose it now.
(Oh boy, oh boy, oh boy, oh boy!)

At the edge:
Can I still? Will I?
“Flatten skis to the snow, seek the fall line”

illustration above: why we ski. It's the poetry of it all.
From an early poster.


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