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I'm a ski writer as well as a skier, as well as a life-long ski teacher. I love and value good ski writing. That's why, in addition to sharing my own ski books with you, it's been my pleasure to showcase well crafted books by other ski writers whom I admire. Dick Dorworth is one such skiing scribe, but now, in this 2017 pre-season, I have a new treat to share with you: Tracks in the Snow, a fabulous collection of short pieces by ski writer extraordinaire, Peter Shelton. Peter's new book constitutes a virtual autobiography of a full life on skis, richly lived, beautifully told.

Each of the book covers on this page is a link. Click on any of these cover images, to visit a detail page about that book, with ordering information, reviews, and more.  Good reading!

Breakthrough on the NEW Skis Lito's classic – all the secrets of expert skiing, and the fastest, easiest way to get there. Now back in print.

Soft Sking was originally written for older skiers. but Lito's perfect recipe for relaxed & and truly effortless skiinghas proved to be valuable for all skiers, of all ages.

The Perfect Turn is full of great stories of unforgettable days on the slopes, portraits of legendary skiers, and even a rare work of skiing fiction.

The Straight Course tells the story of speed skiing in the 60s. First person tales from one of the most exciting chapters of skiing history

In This Is Skiing, Lito partners with his wife, photographer Linde Waidhofer, to paint a poetic picture of their shared world on skis.

You'll enjoy the full spectrum of skiing emotions in evocative prose, pictures, and poetry.

A collection of some of the most beautiful mountains and moments of a skiing life boldly captured in word and image.…

Now also avaliable for download as a handsome eBook.

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